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View of sunrise from Salerno

Salerno Shore Excursion to Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii

Imagine: the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, vibrant shades of flowers, the many houses overhanging the sparkling sea of blue-green color. This will be the setting for your tour as the excursion crosses the beautiful bays of Salerno and Naples. So... Get ready to spend one of the most beautiful days of your entire cruise!

The tour (Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii), lasts about 8.9 hours and is very thorough, allowing you to fully enjoy all the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the history of Pompeii. Of course you will have stops along the way and free time to visit these places to discover their unique features and characteristics. The driver is at your disposal and will welcome you to the Port of Salerno near your ship. After a brief presentation he will head for Sorrento, along a short stretch of highway, which leads from Salerno to Castellammare and then to the wonderful scenery of the Sorrento peninsula, jutting out into the Tyrrhenian Sea, almost touching the island of Capri. Art and tradition characterize many of the neighboring towns, such as Vico Equense, famous for its mozzarella cow (also called fior di latte), for the thermal properties and for being the home of the "pizza a metro," with sizes ranging from 20 cm to 2 meters. This tour travels by orange groves, lemon trees and olive groves gently sloping toward the sea to Sorrento, where you will have free time for shopping or to enjoy a typical Neapolitan espresso that will keep you awake and full of energy for the exciting day ahead. Sorrento is the largest town of the peninsula, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. The town still preserves its ancient traditions, such as the inlaid woodwork, ceramics, limoncello and lace. All these products can be found in the many small shops in the city's historic center.

Naples Shore Excursion Capri Sorrento Positano

After visiting this charming town, your journey continues toward Positano, crossing the mythical road to Amalfi, with its winding route that follows the contour of the coast, curve after curve opening up enchanting views over the Gulf of Salerno. The coast is high, craggy and rocky, with limestone cliffs that crumble into the sea, and coves and rocks of admirable beauty. In Positano, the driver will take you directly to the heart of the village, where the big buses cannot reach, saving valuable time and, of course, your legs! Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is so picturesque it seems like a spontaneous stage setting. The view from the sea looks like a huge nativity scene, a waterfall of little multicolored houses along the slope. After visiting and shopping in the narrow streets, waiting for you will be a spectacular lunch in a local restaurant on the slopes of Mount Pertuso, with a beautiful view of Positano. Here you can sample some traditional homemade dishes and a delicious glass of limoncello!

After lunch, the tour will depart for Pompeii, the most impressive and famous archaeological site in the world, not yet fully brought to light. The eruption of 79 A.D. buried the town under a blanket of ash and lapilli 6-7 meters thick, concealing priceless treasures for centuries. During the visit you can admire: the Forum, the Baths, the Capitol, the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Vespasian and countless vestiges of the Roman era. Having discovered and appreciated the beauty of our wonderful land, you will be driven back to the port of Salerno, but retaining in your eyes and especially in your heart, an unforgettable memory. To avoid the traffic and return to port in time for the departure of your ship, it is preferable to visit Pompeii at the end of the tour.

Optional Entrance fees: per person  Entrance fees may change every year.

Pompeii Euro 18,00

Please note that EEC passport  holders- under 18 years of age are entitled to free entrance on production of ID.

Salerno Shore excursion to Amalfi Coast

Choose to live a fantastic experience, visit the Amalfi Coast with us, the flagship of the Campania coast, which has always been a place of great charm where nature and art, past and present live in harmony. Our shore excursion Salerno Amalfi Coast offers you the possibility to make a private tour of 8 hours departing from the port of Salerno. The three main stops of the tour, Positano - Amalfi - Ravello, are the synthesis of what is most beautiful about what this land offers.

Shore Excursions from Sorrento to Positano

It is advisable to start this tour early in order to enjoy the hours at your disposal fully, so the departure will be organized at around 8:00 a.m.. One of our drivers will be waiting for you at the port of Salerno,and will accompany you on the shore excursion and will be able to compensate for all your needs. The journey will take place in a luxury car and at the end of the day you will be driven back to the port of Salerno in perfect time to continue your cruise. The first stop of the tour is the famous Positano.

POSITANO: cosy and exclusive

Positano opens the Amalfi Coast. Its houses in pastel shades, are placed side by side and are characterized by small arched porches facing the sea. The parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in the main square of the village is surely worth a visit. Its dome covered with coloured majolica tiles makes it visible from the whole village. Walking down the steps leading to the beach you can admire “Positano beach fashion” items and the local original souvenir creations. And then ... do not forget the many delights for the palate: ranging from the typical products to wonderful confectionery products, such as lemon tiramisu or cakes made with baba dough stuffed with cream and strawberries. The visit to Positano has a planned duration of about 1 hour. To reach the second stop of our tour it takes about 40 minutes, valuable time spent watching truly enchanting rocky landscapes with crystal clear blue sea.

Salerno Shore Excursion Amalfi Coast

AMALFI: the sea makes history

Amalfi is considered by many the centre of the Amalfi Coast. Its charm is due not only to its incomparable natural beauties, but also to the architectures that are inspired by the Arab and Byzantine world. A testimony of a flourishing past of the Maritime Republic and profitable trade with the East. In the main square you can admire the cathedral dedicated to Saint Andrew. The wonderful facade, characterized by mosaics and a porch in Gothic style, inside, hides a cathedral built in Baroque style. Next to the cathedral, open to the public, there is the Cloister of Paradise. History lovers can not miss a visit to the Municipal Museum, that contains relics which witness an important past, and the Old Arsenal which now exposes the "Tabula Amalphitana" precious maritime code written mostly in Latin. Walking through the shops you will have the opportunity to observe the many souvenirs that reflect craft activities of the coast: the hand-painted ceramics, prints on precious Amalfi paper and many other souvenirs. And maybe, why not buy a bottle of exquisite limoncello that captures the sun and the colour of this land. Before heading to the last leg of our Salerno shore excursion we recommend you to have a snack: the choice is varied, certainly you will find something that you will like.

Salerno Shore Excursion Amalfi Coast Ravello

RAVELLO: nature becomes music

Ravello, unlike the other places on the coast, is located on a steep cliff overlooking the immensity of the sea. In fact it is reached after a few kilometres uphill. From the square you enter the main sites not to be missed. Many artists have been inspired by these magical landscapes. Villa Rufolo, in a dream setting, every summer hosts the Ravello festival: Wagnerian music that celebrates the composer who loved these places. Villa Cimbrone instead brings together fragments of the past in lush vegetation. The exotic plants that adorn it fit perfectly between the colours and the scents of the Mediterranean. The common feature of these villas is undoubtedly the spectacular view of the Gulf of Salerno. The cathedral dedicated to Saint Panteleimon and the little church of San Giovanni del Toro are of historical interest. Our tour finishes with the return to Salerno. With our Salerno shore excursion – Amalfi Coast, we are sure to offer a complete vision of the Amalfi Coast. A day out, full of discoveries that will leave you unforgettable and pleasant memories.


> Free time in Positano

> Possibility to visit the Emerald Grotto in Praiano

> Free time in Amalfi

> Free time in Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello

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